scene & heard

There is no meaning but the meaning we create. 

I’m fascinated and often frustrated by the common miscommunication we, as a species, experience daily. Thinking I understand what someone says only to find out I am wrong. Misinterpretations occur regularly as we innocently conjure stories, convincing ourselves our thoughts are founded in reality.

scene & heard is a study of the frequent and distorted cognitive perceptions we experience in relationships. When I merged landscapes of near-empty spaces with snippets of conversation I overheard in Hollywood, CA; the spoken word lost its initial meaning. When paired, the images and text took on new meanings specific to you, the viewer. Depending on each viewer's mood, life experience, and perception at the moment of viewing, the pairing strikes a unique narrative. These landscapes with faint traces of human interaction trigger conjure meaning of one's memories, whether experiential or from literature, pop culture, social media, TV culture, or film.

2013 - 2017

I don't know where he is, but he's gone

I don't know where he is, but he's gone

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