Twenty years into my marriage there was an irreparable fracture that prompted me to ask the big existential questions. This brought me to a devoted path of personal development and spiritual growth. Focusing on the practice of meditation and the study of conscious contentment, I’m on a path of acceptance regardless of circumstances. It’s a practice and not always easy. Being in nature is one way of clearing the mind and one’s energy. Like forest bathing, I experience new heights of awareness in the sublime landscapes of the Native American West. 

Foreseeable Cache represents an ancient and wise collective memory of all who have journeyed these mystical lands. It is an immersive exploration of transcendence and represents what meditation feels like to me. 

Translucent veils symbolize the chattering mind and external noises, like a portal shifting into and out of mindfulness. Surreal and artificially colored, this work blurs the lines between reality and perception. Intuitively guided, the dual imagery of in-camera double exposures are a metaphor for the internal and external landscapes. Conjuring an alternate reality, abstracted images merge physical and spiritual realms. 

foreseeable cache

2019 - present

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