foreseeable cache is a conjured term for awaited memories and references what the soul knows.

At the end of my 20 year marriage with three teenagers to raise, I sought answers to the big existential questions and began a devoted path of personal development and spiritual growth. The refuge I found in nature brought inner peace and awareness that comes with an awakening heart, mind and soul.  

Made in the sublime landscape of the American West, this work is an exploration of transcendence and represents what meditation feels like to me. Surreal color blurs the line between reality and perception, creating an alternate world that merges physical and spiritual realms. Translucent veils represent the chattering mind and external noise experienced in meditation. Images portray a portal that invites a shift into and out of mindfulness. Pairing multiple in-camera exposures as a metaphor for the internal and external landscape, each image is a meditation. I was intuitively guided throughout the process of making this work, unknowing of where the process would lead.

foreseeable cache

2019 - ongoing

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