foreseeable cache

When my 20 year marriage began disintegrating, I immersed myself on the path of personal and spiritual growth. Like others, I asked existential questions wanting to know the why’s of life. I dove into studies and a dedicated practice of meditation, ongoing inquiry and self-introspection. With it brought the act of pause, peace, awareness and rejuvenation - my life changed. Foreseeable Cache is an illustration into the journey of meditation and what it feels like to me.

The most profound spiritual experiences I've had have occurred in the divine beauty of nature. In the sublime, iconic expanse of the American West, I experience raw mysticism and am transported into a peaceful, mindful state. These abstracted landscapes represent an alternate reality and merging of physical and spiritual realms. Intuitively guided, the dual imagery of in-camera double exposures are a metaphor for the internal and external landscape. A translucent veil symbolizes the chattering mind, external noises and the shift into and out of mindfulness. Surreal and artificially colored, each image creates a range of emotional responses from the viewer and hints at the remembrance of the known.

This project began late 2019 and is ongoing.

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