On long road trips to visit family, I’m often a passenger as we drive through rural and agriculture towns in America’s interior. I’m reminded of my childhood, with my face glued to the window of cars or trains watching countless blurred vignettes of changing scenery whiz by. They fade in and out of focus like a memory or a dream. There’s a familiarity to these scenes but not enough to know the resting history of each setting.

edge of an [american] dream is a state of mind that holds different for each viewer. Towns built on the discriminative promise of freedom, equality and prosperity through hard work makes me wonder who has attained the American Dream and who has not. Lifetimes exist in these places, only I’m just passing by and on to the next moment of the changing landscape and her people. 

Photographed through the passenger window, faint moments of nostalgia emerge like fragments of dreams and forgotten memories; each reinvented with the passage of time.  In many ways we are passing through at one time or another…looking out as a passenger with hopes of realizing our own dreams.  

edge of an [american] dream

2016 - ongoing 

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