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As a long time fine art photographer and printer, I offer personal custom digital printing services and support to photographers looking to create the fullest expression of their vision. Each aspect of photography, including printing, is a science and an art with paper choice being a key element in the process. Working with me is an experience that includes private consultation. Your needs are evaluated to create prints that convey your ultimate vision whether for portfolio presentation, installation or archival storage. The focus is on the intention of your project and how choice of paper; sizing; detail; toning and color management will create that vision. I analyze potential modifications to files to ensure the best print possible.

Prints are made on a Canon PRO-2100 24” printer. The largest print, on the small side, is 24”.

custom printing

Depending on your needs, this service includes all or some of the following: color correction, custom paper profiling, sizing. Simple editing is included, labor intensive editing is extra.

dtp (direct-to-print)

This service works directly from your self-prepared and ready to print files to my printer. You do all editing, sizing, formatting, color correction, flattening etc. Since there is no intervention on my part, you get high-quality prints at a great cost.

fine art paper / custom profiling

All papers and ink are archival, meeting gallery and museum standards for longevity and quality. The following papers include custom printer/paper profiling for greater detail in shadows, a fuller color gamut and the highest quality print.

  • Canson PrintMaKing Rag (BFK Rives)
  • 310 gsm Matte 100% cotton, acid free, pure white w/out OBA’s soft textured silky touch - deep blacks, pure whites & wide range of tones
  • Canson Platine Fibre Rag*
  • 310 gsm Satin 100% cotton, acid-free, pure white tone w/out OBA’s, smooth texture - exceptional grey tones for both B&W and color
  • Canson Baryta Photographique
  • 310 gsm Satin museum grade photo paper, acid-free, pure white and extra smooth with great sharpness, ideal for B&W - the oldest paper making technique
  • Canson Edition Etching
  • 310 gsm Matte 100% cotton, pure white tone w/o OBA’s smooth texture and grain- sharpness with great black density and contrast for optimum color and B&W
  • Canson Baryta Prestige*
  • 340 gsm Gloss acid free alpha-cellulose and cotton white paper base with true barium sulphate coating, smooth texture, adds dimension. Hi D-max and sharpness
  • Hahnemüehle Photo Rag Bright White*
  • 310 gsm Matte 100% cotton, acid free bright white, soft texture - deep blacks, vivid colors and detail, great for high contrast images for 3D appearance
  • Hahnemüehle Photo Rag Baryta*
  • 315 gsm High Gloss 100% cotton, acid free warm white w/out OBA’s, sheen w/out glare, delicate texture
  • MOAB Juniper Baryta*
  • 305 gsm Slight Gloss 100% cotton fiber texture paper w/out OBA’s, true Baryta (barium sulfate) coating - deep blacks with natural white highlights, great for detail, color and contrast

*color or b&w

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